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Love Lessons Series
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Getting dumped sucks. What’s worse is when your new coworker is your old high school crush-slash-frenemy.

I can’t believe it. Instead of proposing, Shane dumped me. After ten years together, committed to one another and our lives, he has a change of heart - he wants a baby. 

And he knows I can’t do that for him. But know what I can do?

Show Shane what he’s missing out on.

But in the meantime, I’m stuck as a guest columnist at a local magazine, where they want me to write about how to move on after a broken heart - ha! I know exactly zero about that. 

What could be worse, you ask? Oh, just that my old high school frenemy, Boston, is assigned to help me out. Does the universe hate me or what? Especially since it’s impossible to notice how he turned more sexy than annoying in the years since I’ve seen him…

Huh. Maybe this little gig won’t be so bad after all...

Wait, what? Shane said he made a mistake?

Now what?

♥ Love, Redefined is a closed-door romance, perfect for readers who love lots of sizzle and sass but no explicit content. ♥

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Determined interior designer seeks hot basketball player to create perfect fake romance.

This is the month that could make or break my career. I’m desperate to enter the biggest design competition of our city and win the big contract that comes with it but lack a standout property to tip the scales in my favor.

Then, I need a date to a family wedding or be sentenced to pariah in front of my ex and his new girlfriend, who happens to be one of my biggest design competitors in the city.

I think I just found the solution in gorgeous basketball superstar Rome Marius, who is in trouble with his coach and is in need of a little image rehab, just like his totally empty penthouse. I’ll be his adoring sweet girlfriend to show his coach and team he’s a grownup, and he’ll let me redecorate the monstrosity he calls home and enter it in the contest. So what if I don’t know a thing about sports? Faking it can’t be that hard, right?

I am absolutely able to ignore that he’s hot, single, and incredibly sweet...I’m a professional…

East Village Christmas Novellas

Luci is a serial dater, always on the lookout for Mr. Right. Heck, even Mr. Right Now would do, but even he seems to be missing in action. She's definitely not feeling the Christmas spirit, so when her boss dumps the major task of organizing the entire company's Christmas event on her lap to get the promotion she's been desperate for, she's more than annoyed.

Alex is struggling with the holiday season too, but for an entirely different reason. Not only was he recently dumped by his longtime girlfriend, but he had to let a suave doctor move into his spare room. If having a new roommate wasn’t annoying enough, Luci takes one look at this guy and swoons. Can’t Luci see that Sebastian is just another player who will just break her heart? She deserves better than that!

Luci struggles to pull off the double duty of capturing this new man's attention and creating the ultimate Christmas event to wow both her company and Sebastian. Will Luci be able to pull off both? Should she try to pull off both, or was Alex right all along?

This Christmas novella will have you laughing as you relate to the character's struggles at the holiday season.



Maria is determined to juggle it all - work, family responsibilities, and schoolwork. She just about manages it all when her friend Luci convinces her to take on a massive project to help senior citizens, due right at the holidays. When she meets sexy baker Gabriel, it just adds to the avalanche that is her life as she struggles to balance everything. Men? She doesn’t have time for dating...right?


Gabriel is crushed under the holiday workload of owning the city’s most successful bakery, but he takes one look at Maria and decides he can make room for just one more thing. Too bad Maria isn’t as sure. Can Gabriel convince Maria that adding someone into her life can actually mean the load is lightened?


Need a date for the holidays? Oh joy…We've got you covered with 22 fake holidates to heat up your season!

Travel from small towns to cosmopolitan cities, snow covered mountains to gorgeous mansions. You'll meet sexy billionaires, brainy tech gods, buff journalists, sinfully cocky athletes, and sizzling hot chefs. They're naughty and nice (and everything in between) and they're enough to fulfill any romantic fantasies. 

These 22 swoon-worthy heroes are ready to be your *fake* plus-one at holiday events, from Christmas weddings to Chanukah and Kwanzaa celebrations. Each starts out as a charade, and though they might lie to family, friends, or co-workers, they won't be able to fool themselves when a very real romance develops.

Escape into addictive takes of second chances, sweet new beginnings, secret crushes, friends to lovers, love triangles, and forbidden rendezvous. Throw in a mix of suspense, laughs, passion, and temptation, and your holidays are set. 

Download HOLIDAY FAKEOUT now to get the season started. The tingles, butterflies, and swoons brought on by these sweet and scorching stories will have you wondering which book boyfriend you should bring home for the holidays. 


What’s your fantasy? Your secret desires?

Step into a Storybook Pub to experience the magical hospitality of proprietor Kole O’Shea.

From bewitched bartenders to time travel and a singles cruise in Storybook Pub. To reminding us all about the spirit of Christmas, a sexy Santa, and a naughty reindeer in Storybook Pub Christmas Wishes.

What wishes will Kole have in store? Love? Fantasy? Second chances? Your dreams will be fulfilled.

Storybook Pub 2... Where wishes come true!